King of Infinite Space | Virtual Reality Experience (6 min.) | Cast: Pat Dwyer, Beth Ann Hopkins, Jonathan Hopkins, Elise Kibler, Constantine Malahias, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Taylor Myers, and Yuriy Pavlish | Production Design: Benjamin Wygonik | Art Director: Katy Lueck | Cinematography: Cory Fraiman-Lott and Jon Boyce | Sound: Stephanie Beattie and Simon Garrette | Costumes: Liz McGlone | Score: Seth Ford-Young | 1st AD: Alexa Green | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish and James Breadin | Editing/Stitching: Conan Roberts | VFX: Andrew Overton | Adaptation: Dan Hasse | Directed by Taylor Myers, Dan Hasse, and Darren Emerson

Produced by Roll the Bones Theater Company with production support from The Immersive Storytelling Studio at The National Theatre (UK) and captured by VR City | Shot on the GoPro Odyssey

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