UPCOMING: February 22 - March 9 | Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana... at HERE Arts | Cast: Kaelyn Ambert-Gonzalez, Adrian Baidoo, Michael Cuomo, Emily Jackson, Talya Mar, Melissa Mickens, Chuck Montgomery, Chukwuma Obasi, Adriana Rossetto | Created by Vieve Radha Price and John Gould Rubin | Based on Original Writing by Chukwuma Obasi, Chelsea Frei, Karen Eilbacher, Sarah Wharton, Jason Gray, Adriana Rossetto, Salomé Krell, Bronwen Carson | Directed by John Gould Rubin | Written by Dan Hasse 

Produced by The Private Theatre | Developed by TÉA Creative | Residencies with Bedlam ("MadLAB") and The Actors Studio ("The Playwright/Directors Unit")