HAMLET IN THE GOLDEN VALE is a three-part project produced by Roll The Bones Theatre Company with production support from "The Immersive Storytelling Studio" at The National Theatre (UK).

Part One: A Feature Film | Part Two: An Immersive Theatrical Production | Part Three: A Virtual Reality Experience


A Midsummer Night's Dream Tour | Cast: Felix Birdie, Estefania Giraldo, Beth Ann Hopkins, Melissa Mahoney, Constantine Malahias, and Rebeca Miller | Associate Director: Hannah Kallenbach | Costumes: Ricky Aaron | Sets and Props: Olivia McGiff | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Choreography: Chloe Troast | Music Direction: Jorge Morales | Stage Manager: Lindsay Kipnis | Assistant Director: Samantha Hosie | Casting: Coral Peña | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, and Rose Bochner | Directed by Dan Hasse

Winter Festival_Poster.jpg

The Lion in WInter | Cast: Felix Birdie, Estefania Giraldo, Edmund Lewis, Melissa Mahoney, Constantine Malahias, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Susannah Perkins, and Nance Williamson | Music Direction: Rodrigo Vasquez | Props: Joanie Troast | Stage Manager: Gabrielle Giacomo | Casting: Coral Peña | Produced by Beth Ann Hopkins and Yuriy Pavlish | Directed by Dan Hasse


Dreams Dying Can Buy | Cast: Paul Ben-Victor, Erick Betancourt, Estefania Giraldo, Reynaldo Piniella, David Potters, and Anamari Mesa | Produced by Sean Carvajal and Janio Marrero | Written by David Potters | Directed by Dan Hasse

Presented by Cherry Lane as a part of "TONGUES: A Reading Series"


Henry V | Cast: Will Cary, Taryn Cohen, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Lorenzo Luccetti, Melissa Mahoney, Olivia Barresi, Lei-Lei Bavoil, Andrew Gonzalez, Noam Tomaschoff, and Mia Wurgaft | Costumes: Fan Zhang | Set/Props: Benjamin Wygonik | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Assistant Director: Estefania Giraldo | Casting: Coral Peña | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish and Nina Smilow | Directed by Dan Hasse

The Winter's Tale | Cast: Giacoma Bonello, Alex Boyce, Jeffrey Brabant, Estefania Giraldo, Jeremy Harris, Aidan Hart, Lindsay Mayberry, Ashley Meyer, Charlie Rubinovitz, and Mia Wurgaft | Costumes: Joey Haws | Set: Steven Brenman | Props: Addison Heeren | Lighting Design: Chuan-Chi Chan | Sound Design: Teri Madonna | Assistant Directors: Mia Canter and Sarah Colvin | Vocal Coach: Alithea Phillips | Production Stage Manager: Nate Fellner | Assistant Stage Manager: Evan Gilmore | Choreography: Emilie Jensen | Mask Design: Federico Restrepo | Original Music by Kieran Conaway | Directed by Dan Hasse

The Two Gentlemen of Verona | Cast: Felix Birdie, Chris Dooly, Chelsea Frei, Constantine Malahias, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Oliver Palmer, Malena Pennycook, Ruby Wolf | Music Director: Kieran Conaway | Vocal Coach: Caleb Shomaker | Assistant Director: Nina Smilow | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Costumes and Props: Liz McGlone and Martín Lara | Stage Manager: Matt Provenza | ASM: Monique Bernier | Dramaturg: Chris Corbo | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish and Rose Bochner | Directed by Dan Hasse

TITUS | Cast: Sean Carvajal, Tony Grayson, Chapman Hyatt, Elise Kibler, Jonothon Lyons, Taylor Myers, Tom O'Keefe, Oliver Palmer, Asa Podolny, Christopher Sears, Caleb Shomaker, Nina Smilow, James Swanson |  Music Director: Sydney Shepherd | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Stage Manager: Neil Tyone Pritchard | Weapons Courtesy of Mitch McCoy | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish | Directed by Dan Hasse

Beautiful Bodies | Cast: Carolyn Becker, Olivia Brown, Katelyn Candiello, Samantha Hosie, Nora Rickey, Makaela Shealy | Costumes: Joey Haws | Set Design: Ana Maria Aburto | Props: Addison Heeren | Lighting Design: David O. Smith | Sound Design: Bryan Williams | Assistant Director: Amy Daniels | Movement Coach: Elena Zucker | Vocal Coach: Christa Kimlicko Jones | Production Stage Manager: Lilly Brown | Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Krapels | Written by Laura Shaine Cunningham | Directed by Dan Hasse

Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana... | Cast: Chelsea Frei, Jonothon Lyons, Christopher Sears, Nina Smilow, and Lauren Sowa | Conceived by Vieve Radha Price and John Gould Rubin | Based on original writing by Bronwen Carson, Karen Eilbacher, Chelsea Frei, Jason Gray, Salome Krell, Chuk Obasi, Audrey Ross, and Sarah Wharton | Directed by John Gould Rubin | Written by Dan Hasse

Presented by BEDLAM as a part of their "MadLAB" Residency

Richard II | Cast: Ben Blackman, Sean Carvajal, Chris Dooly, Chelsea Frei, Constantine Malahias, Caleb Shomaker, Noam Tomaschoff, Kristin Winters | The Band: Tony Grayson, Oliver Palmer, Austin Short | Costumes: Liz McGlone | Set Design/Props: Connor Munion | Lighting Design: Timothy Meola | Music Director: Austin Short | Assistant Director: Jake Winn | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Dramaturg: Chris Corbo | Production Stage Manager: Caroline Aimetti | Assistant Stage Manager: James Swanson | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish and Rose Bochner | Directed by Dan Hasse

All's Well That Ends Well | Cast: Dylan Arredondo, Felix Birdie, Will Cary, Chris Dooly, Chelsea Frei, Tony Grayson, Chapman Hyatt, Constantine Malahias, Oliver Palmer, Coral Peña, Susannah Perkins | Costumes: Liz McGlone | Props: Connor Munion | Music Director: Kieran Conaway | Assistant Director: James Swanson | Vocal Coach: Caleb Shomaker | Dramaturg: Chris Corbo | Stage Manager: Giacoma Bonello | Produced by Yuriy Pavlish | Directed by Rose Bochner and Dan Hasse

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet  |  Cast: Chris Dooly, Elise Kibler, Constantine Malahias, Taylor Myers, Jack De Sanz | Musicians: Caroline Aimetti, Chris Brown, Kieran Conaway | Set Designer: Phil Falino | Costume Designer: Liz McGlone | Lighting Designer: Timothy Meola | Musical Director: Chris Dubrow | Associate Musical Director: Kieran Conaway | Vocal Director / Assistant Director: Spencer Shomaker | Fight Director: Abigail Wahl | Press Representative: Glenna Freedman Public Relations | Production Stage Manager: Conor Perkins | Assistant Stage Manager: Caleb Shomaker | Co-Producers: Chris Corbo and Yuriy Pavlish | Produced by Rose Bochner | Directed by Dan Hasse

Henry VI, Part 3 | Cast: Margaret Bowerman, Benedict Burgess, Maren Ericsson, Evie Johnson, Nula Jones, Cornelia Mackie, Sydney Maloney, Joseph Marsh, Adele Sams, Ellis Sargeant, Blaire Sharman, and Jeremy Sutherland | Costumes and Props: Mel Huggins | Assistant Directors: Chris Dubrow and Emily MacLeod | Directed by Dan Hasse 

Director and Teacher for The American Shakespeare Center's College Prep Program


Love's Labour's Lost | Cast: Dylan Arredondo, Chris Dooly, Flora Greeson, Duncan Gregory, Dan Hasse, Chris Kappel, Constantine Malahias, Malena Pennycook, Susannah Perkins, Caleb Shomaker, Austin Short, Alex Slama, James Swanson, Patrick Sweeney, Lelia Symington, Noam Tomaschoff | Properties Master: Phil Falino | Costume Designer: Liz McGlone | Musical Director: Chris Dubrow | Produced by Amber Como and Chris Corbo | Directed by Rose Bochner and Dan Hasse

Fist in Mouth | Cast: Sarah Jes Austell, Jon Fusco, Jess Jacobs, and Taylor Myers | Set Design: Ty Lazauskas | Lighting Design: Chris Kappel | Sound: Jake Zerrar | Props: Spencer Kennard | Production Stage Manager: Rose Bochner | Assistant Stage Manager: Kati O'Hearn | Casting: Elise Kibler | Produced by Rose Bochner and Chris Corbo | Written and Directed by Dan Hasse